What to do after a self driving car accident?

Written By Michael Fuller  |  Oregon Attorney

After a self-driving car accident, use a cell phone to take pictures of:

  1. insurance cards
  2. license plates
  3. VIN numbers
  4. car damage
  5. physical injuries
  6. evidence of the crash

If you have medical bills, be sure to think about all possible insurance policies:

  1. the self driving car’s own insurance
  2. the self driving car passenger’s insurance
  3. the self driving car manufacturer’s insurance
  4. the self driving car dealer’s insurance
  5. taxi, business, homeowner, and other policies

To speak with an Oregon self driving car accident Oregon attorney now, call 503-201-4570. Some states have specific laws on robot cars. As of 2016, Oregon does not.  So for now, injured Oregonians with questions should call a local attorney about their legal options in autonomous car crashes.

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